Memento Tops - Thoughtful Fashion Garment Upcycling with Londa Rohlfing

Memento Tops – Thoughtful Upcycling with Londa Rohlfing

Londa Rohlfing demonstrates how she redesigns and sews unique refashioned tops using men’s knit shirts in this free episode from It’s Sew Easy, a PBS show, Series 1600. Follow along and learn how to utilize knit tops, woven shirts, lace, neckties, and fabric to create your very own one-of-a-kind (OOAK) tops! Sewing Memento Tops with … [ Read More at SWN! ]

Watch this EASY Signature Quilt Tutorial for Beginners (No Binding!)

Watch this EASY Signature Quilt Tutorial for Beginners (No Binding!)

Learn how to easy it is to sew this “Signature Quilt” for a wedding, birthday, new baby, teacher, grandparent, or as a retirement keepsake. Use heirloom / vintage fabrics or coordinate from your stash. Friends simply sign the quilt with a permanent laundry marker with their message or congratulations. This is a nice quilt project for beginner quilters because … [ Read More at SWN! ]

Secrets to Sewing T-Shirt Quilts - T-shirt Quilt   by Jodie Hickman at Sew Whats New

Secrets to Sewing T-Shirt Quilts!

T-shirt quilts are a popular gift and a great way to preserve memories! Here are some tips to make your next t-shirt quilt easier.  – All People Quilt   More t-shirt quilts at SWN: T-Shirt Quilting! – How to make an heirloom quilt! Kathy Anderson’s T-shirt Quilt The Harley Davidson T-shirt Quilt by Patty Jessica T-shirt … [ Read More at SWN! ]