Doodles the Deer – A Free Plushie Project from Fluffmonger

Fluffmongers Doodles the Deer Sewing Pattern + Video Tutorial

A free pattern and a video tutorial from Fluffmonger to show us how to stitch Doodles the Deer plush toy!  Despite being a little tubby, Doodles the Deer stays warm during the winter with . Doodles will make the perfect gift for a child, or anyone who appreciates sweet handmade stuffed toys. Doodles can be sewn from new fabrics or, recycled textiles, sweaters, felt, fleece, etc.  The deer in the video tutorial was made with Kunin felt made from recycled plastic bottles, a misprinted shirt salvaged from a local screen printer, a ripped pair of flannel pajamas, and a scrap of organic cotton fleece.

  • To get the free pattern at Fluffmonger for Doodles, go to the Doodles the Deer project page and follow the instructions for downloading there.
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Watch the free video tutorial:

fluffmonger sewing patterns for plush toys
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