Syrian Seamstresses Sew to Send Help Home and Support Their Families

Syrian Seamstresses Sew and Send Help Home


Published by Al Jazeera English on Jan 4, 2016

A group of Syrian women in Turkey have set up their own factory to produce garments for families still in Syria.

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Syrian Seamstresses Send Sewing Home

Syrian Seamstresses Sew and Send Help Home
Al Jazeera


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Meeting nearly every Saturday in the Catholic Charities of Western New York’s Immigration & Refugee Assistance Center in Buffalo. The goal of the group, she said, is to teach the refugees sewing skills on a sewing machine. 

“It’s pretty much how to work the sewing machine. Some of them have sewn in their home countries. Some of them have sewn on treadle machines, where there’s no electricity required,’ she said, adding that some, too, have no prior knowledge of sewing. ‘They have to learn how to sew straight seam. They have to learn how to go fast or slow. They have to learn about stitch length, when to use a zigzag and when not to.’  In addition to teaching skills, the group also allows the participants to mend clothes.”

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