Sewing the Glenda Convertible Clutch Bag Video – by Deby of

GlendasI have made the Glenda Convertible Clutch from Swoon Patterns a couple of times now, (My first Glenda, 85% sized GlendaGlenda Makeover) but this video by Deby caught my eye.  As I have also got caught out a couple of times when I’ve missed the ‘place on fold’ pattern marking, I habitually go over any new pattern pieces now and use my highlighter pen along the entire fold line!  Anyway, if you are a ‘visual learner’ you may find this video all the encouragement you need to buy and try the Glenda Convertible Clutch yourself!

“This video is intended as a supplement to the written instructions only, not intended to replace them and you should still follow the written instructions and refer to the video for further clarification” source; 

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