Sewing Room Tours Series

Sewing Room Tours Series

A sneak peek into 20 sewing rooms and work spaces! Become inspired with some of these storage ideas for your own space.  Convert a room, or just a closet to store everything you need to sew.  From large to small, modern, shabby chic, or like my sewing room; a complete disaster!


Sewnatra Cabinet – White

from: Arrow Companies, LLC


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See more beautiful sewing spaces in the Beautiful Sewing Spaces photo gallery at SWN:   Also see The Sewing Room at SWN, a place to discuss and inquire about sewing room furniture, organization, layout, and ways to make your own tables and storage centers.

See more sewing spaces shared by members of SWN:

My sewing room

Olivia Cabinet – Tiffany Blue – with Blue Quilt Leaf

from: Arrow Companies, LLC

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