Serger Sewing Tips – A Free Video Series from Gail Yellen

How to Change Colours on a Threaded Overlocker/Serger Machine

A free video lesson series playlist offering tips, techniques, and tutorials for sewing with a serger. Pick and choose or watch them all.

Nineteen free video lessons featuring serger how-to’s, tips, and techniques:

Serger Lesson Series Playlist Titles:

  1. Serger Tip ClipsSerger Tip Clip 1: Starter Fabric
  2. Serger Tip Clip 2: The Thread Palette
  3. Serger Tip Clip 3: Custom fit Ready-to-wear Sweater
  4. Serger Tip Clip 4: Shorten and Re-shape a Hem on a Ready-to-wear Jersey
  5. Serger Tip Clip 5: Shorten and Taper Sleeves on Ready-to-wear
  6. Serger Tip Clip 6: Handling Fabric
  7. Serger Tip Clip 7: Gathering Fabric
  8. Serger Tip Clip 8: Attach Ruffling Fabric to Flat Fabric in 1-Step
  9. Serger Tip Clip 9: The Thread Net
  10. Serger Tip Clip 10: Create a Narrow Hem with Fusible Thread
  11. Serger Tip Clip 11: The Chain Stitch for Alterations
  12. Serger Tip Clip 12: Clearing the Threads
  13. Serger Tip Clip 13: Perfect Hem Results with the Fabric Guide
  14. Serger Tip Clip 14: The Serger Blanket Stitch
  15. Serger Tip Clip 15: Specialty Threads for Decorative Edges
  16. Serger Tip Clip 16: The Elastic Foot
  17. Serger Tip Clip 17: Quartering Method
  18. Serger Tip Clip 18: The Wave Stitch
  19. Serger Tip Clip 19: The Serged French Seam


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