Christmas Reindeer Cushion


Bustle and Sew – free reindeer tote pattern

Having enjoyed making my Seaside Themed cushions using patterns by Helen at Bustle & Sew I was reminded that I had downloaded her free Reindeer pattern too, and now would be a good time to use it!


First step was to increase the size of the pattern piece by 200%.  The easy option would have been a trip to the library where they could copy it straight onto larger paper, but I managed by folding it in half to get it to fit and then joining the top and bottom pieces together.  I used my light box and traced each part as a separate pattern piece.

As it was a spur of the moment thing, I had a rummage to see if I had all the makings.  If I used grey felt for the antlers and some cream flannel instead of felt, I would have everything necessary.  I cut out all the parts and spray basted them into position.

embroidery foot

My sewing machine feet organizer – (with new label)

Then it was on with my embroidery foot, down with the feed dogs and off on a free motion stitching spree! Once everything was stitched in place, it was time for some hand embroidery to add the finishing touches.  


Isn’t he handsome!  As I didn’t have any red gingham, I decided the next best thing would be some country style plaid. Rudolph was ready, but I’m not going to put him on a tote bag.  

I decided to make him into another cushion cover, for a larger 18″ cushion pad instead, and keep him for myself!  Meanwhile I spotted another one of Helen’s designs I wanted to buy…..

Bustle and Sew Christmas Store

…. her Figgy Pudding Tea Cosy pattern!  I picked it up in her Black Friday Etsy Shop sale, and as I don’t use a teapot I am probably going to sew it up as yet another cushion cover on some more plaid, to make a pair with Rudolph. 


Meanwhile, here’s my red nosed reindeer!


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