My Christmas Reindeer Apron – Applique

Christmas Apron Applique by Karen

We had a Christmas Event up at the Hall last weekend, with Santa and his reindeer in attendance. We all dressed up to take part, and I was Mother Christmas.  On the Friday night I realised I needed an apron to protect my dress.

I decided I could use the free Christmas reindeer pattern I got from Bustle & Sew and used to make this cushion.  I went through my stash and found some funny fabric from my mother’s cupboard.  When I say funny, I wondered if it was actually fabric as it has a strange texture, like maybe it was a paper based product? However it was the right colour as I wanted something that looked like a workshop apron so I decided to go ahead and wing it!

I didn’t have any more brown felt for my reindeer, so I used some brown faux suede curtain fabric from my recycling stash.  I used felt for all the other bits, then did the machine and hand-embroidery..  I used cotton twill tape for the straps instead of making them this time.

I line my aprons so all the raw edges are hidden inside, but they used to slip and cause me real headaches when I wanted to top-stitch them.  This time round it all went together perfectly.  Maybe it was the walking foot, as I didn’t have one before.  

My pocket did not go so perfectly.  Never mind.  I wore my new apron Saturday and Sunday, and got it dirty.  I looked at it and wondered if it would all go horribly wrong in the wash, with the funny fabric and the felt shrinking.  So I hoped for the best and hand washed it, then ironed it dry.  It came out fine, so I took these photos to share it with you.

The sun came out which was nice, but it throws a lot of shadows this time of year.  No, I didn’t dress up as Mother Christmas for the photo sorry, yes I should have done more with the pocket, but I love my new Christmas apron!

 Machine Embroidered Appliqué

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