Fabric Focus – A Video Series with Lauren Guthrie

Fabric Focus Video Series with Lauren Guthrie featured at Sew Whats New

“Trying to understand all the different types of fabric out there can seem like a daunting task, not just for beginners but for more experienced dressmakers too. There are different technical names, weights, thicknesses, fiber mixes and weaves, so it can all feel a bit overwhelming. In this new fabric focus series, I hope to make things clearer for those of you planning a dressmaking project because matching the right fabric to the right pattern to achieve the look you want is key to a successful project that will become part of your handmade wardrobe.” – Lauren Guthrie 

***Follow this link to Lauren’s excellent blog post for show notes and links to the fabrics and patterns Lauren mentions in the video series: Click Here***

Lauren discusses fabrics such as;  twill, voilecotton lawn, quilting cottons, flannel, double gauze, bastiste, canvas, chambray, corduroy, poplin, and more…

Watch the series now:

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