Basic Beginner Sewing Tools, Machine Feet, and Notions

Sewing Tools, Feet, and Notions

Let’s Learn To Sew put this great sewing video series together with some great information about some of the various sewing and quilting tools, notions, and sewing machine feet commonly used. Learn how to make an over-sized ironing board, how to make cement pattern weights, how to change your sewing machine needle, see how to make your own custom seam allowance guide, and how to pin your fabric for sewing. Don’t miss the sixth video that goes over the most common sewing machine feet found used with typical household sewing machines.  A very informative and fun-to-watch free video series for any beginner sewer!

Sewing Machine Foot Kit, 15 Feet Low Bar Screw On, Snap On Shank 5mmZZ
Sewing Machine Foot Kit, 15 Feet Low Bar Screw On, Snap On Shank 5mmZZ – AD


More beginner sewing info about fabrics, machines, and easy projects:

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