A Look Inside America’s Textile Mills and Factories

A Look Inside America's Textile Mills and Factories


by Susan from Sew Whats New at Mode

“NY-based photographer Chris Payne’s latest work Textiles takes us behind the doors of America’s textile industry. To highlight the roots of this industry, Payne has chosen to photograph factories and mills located in the Northeast where it was born. In his photos we see dizzy patterns of repetition, immaculate grids of steel machinery, fluffy mountain peaks of wool, and bright-colored yarns suspended overhead like Vietnamese lanterns. But what makes this work interesting is the deliberate inclusion of the workers, which reveal the care, skill and craftsmanship of their work and the efforts taken to ensure a high-quality end product.”

Direct Link: http://www.featureshoot.com/2015/11/a-mesmerizing-look-inside-americas-textile-factories-and-mills/

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